'My son has improved considerably in the past two and a half months and his confidence has grown, as well his love for playing. He is very grateful for the support that you have given him regarding the GCSE work that he has recently started, knowing that you have a full appreciation of the standards expected at the level that he is working at is especially important to both of us. He enjoys his lessons immensely. I am so enjoying my lessons too and look forward to them. I didn't think I would ever have the opportunity to learn how to read music and play the piano as an adult and Mum, so I am very grateful for your help and patience.' - Mrs N Bradley

'Helen has been able to instill the enthusiasm and love for music that she has into my daughter's piano lessons. At 6, it is difficult to keep the momentum going with clubs and hobbies, however Helen provides fun and engaging lessons that have kept my daughter loving piano, but also enthused to practice!' - Mrs L Edwards